Creating one of a kind pieces, made to measure, for each and every client.

Current Projects underway

Over the past 14 months I have been working with the Langlade Hospital in Antigo, Wisconsin on creating some custom furniture and architechural pieces. This was a special project as the wood for this commission came from a majestic cherry tree that had to be removed from the property as it was too close for the new hospital. The tree was carefully removed and sawn in such a fashion to preserve the natural edge of many of the pieces. It was determined that the new chapel would be an excellent place to create pieces from the tree. An Altar, Lectern, Preists chair and chapel door and side light were commissioned. The chapel door and side light will also use two of the leaded glass windows from the old chapel. Also commisioned was a fireplace mantle and a set of corner benches for the entrance foyer. To veiw the completed pieces to date please open the photo album Hospital Cherry. The corner benches for the lobby should be finished the second week in May. Below is a photo of the tree with a poem written by Sister Dolores Demulling to commemorate the tree with a custom frame, made from the trunk of the tree, and presented as a gift by me to the hospital.
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